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Auto Upholstery Care

Leather Conditioner

by Streetwerx Autowerx on 12/18/16

The brutal sun and dry heat can really dry out your leather.  We recommend this long-lasting, outstanding leather conditioner that has been around forever. Not only can it be used for your vehicles leather interior but also can be used for furniture, shoes, boots, purses and luggage.  This product can be applied only twice a year which makes treating your leather easy and low maintenance.  This product definitely deserves the recognition it has received over the years. 

Still adding to your holiday wish list??

by Streetwerx Autowerx on 12/11/16

If you're still looking for that one of kind gift for the guy who has a love for cars, this may be exactly what you're looking for.  These shirts are made of 100% Preshunk High Quality Cotton and are available in many styles, sizes and colors.  This artist captures the passion and lifestyle of those who treasure such classic beauties.

Caring For Your Convertible Top

by Streetwerx Autowerx on 08/30/16

With summer winding down here in the southwest, the gorgeous fall nights are right around the corner.  That’s when vehicle owners most frequently use their convertible top and that’s the perfect time to inspect your convertible for possible damage or wear which may need immediate attention to prevent further damage.  This is also a great time to give it a good cleansing and protect your investment. (And we don’t mean a run through the car wash as this can only result in damage to the top itself.  Side note: The cleaning solvents used at car washes can leave an absorbent film that will only attract more dust and dirt.) We’ve been asked numerous times by our customers what the best way to clean and maintain the integrity of their top for many years of enjoyment.  We have recently been introduced to a great line of products that work amazing when applied while carfeully following instructions.  They offer this cleaner and protectant is perfect for your cloth top, as well as a great cleaner and protectant for your vinyl top as well.  In addition to both of these great products they also offer a terrific product for those of you that have the rear plastic window which is a great solution to clean and protect the window from damaging environmental elements.  We hope this has brought some much needed answers to the much important questions that most convertible owners have.  We are always open to answer questions about the care and maintenance of interiors and trim as we take pride in our own work and can appreciate anyone who takes the time to preserve the condition of their vehicle.